Enriching the lives of active adults in NW Oklahoma.

Our Staff

Our employees exemplify the spirit of Senior Life.  Friendly, enthusiastic, committed, and welcoming.   We go to great lengths to provide quality programs and opportunities for our members.  Whether it’s social or educational, fitness or fun,  our team is dedicated to giving our very best.

Click through our employee profiles to learn more about our team and what motivates them.


Lisa Bland-Selix

Director of Senior Life Network

Lisa Bland-Selix took over as the Director of Senior Life Network in June, 2015. Lisa has a diverse background working many years in sales, marketing, photography and business. “I enjoy networking with people and thought this opportunity at Senior Life Network was a perfect fit for me. I love that Senior Life provides useful information and healthy opportunities for our members to stay young and fit,” Bland-Selix said.

Lisa enjoys volunteering and serves on the board of Main Street Enid and is Communications/PR Chair for Garfield County Relay for Life. She is active at Redeemer Lutheran Church and has served as the chair for Oktoberfest fundraiser for the past two years and also maintains the church website and Facebook page.

Lisa loves spending time with her husband, Mark of 37 years, family of two sons, their wives and a daughter, plus her four grandchildren. Her father, who just turned 90 this year, gives her exposure to the challenges of advanced aging in our society.

“Aging in our culture is so different than it used to be. People live longer now and are more healthy and able to take advantage of that by leading much more productive lives. They go back to school, travel, and all of these activities enrich their lives helping them to live even longer, which is fantastic. It makes getting older now much more appealing than it used to be; it’s not just sitting in a rocking chair waiting for the inevitable. People have the resources to live longer with a better quality of life.” Bland-Selix said.

I feel very blessed to be in an organization that provides fun, fellowship and healthy programs and classes to enhance the lives of our members.


Anita Luetkemeyer

Executive Director – NW Oklahoma Osteopathic Foundation

Anita Luetkemeyer is the Executive Director at the NW Oklahoma Osteopathic Foundation and has more than 23 years of experience in communications, fundraising and non-profit management. She took the helm at the NWOOF in 2014 after spending 13 years as the Public Relations Director at INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center in Enid, OK. Prior to that she was the Director of Main Street Enid.

Anita holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Oklahoma State University and is is passionate about her family, and her community. Married, with a 16 year old son and four foster daughters, Anita is always looking forways to give back to her hometown and currently sits on various boards and committees including: Enid Charity Ball, CDSA, Hedges Speech and Hearing, Cherokee Strip Community Foundation and Loaves and Fishes.

She was drawn to the Foundation because of its contributions to the community, commitment to Senior Wellness, and the support of the Osteopathic profession.


Elaine Edmonds

Administrative Assistant – NW Oklahoma Osteopathic Foundation

Elaine Edmonds is first friendly face you see when you open the door at Senior Life.  Elaine serves as the administrative assistant to both Senior Life and the Northwest Oklahoma Osteopathic Foundation and has been in this position since 2008.

Prior to her work at Senior Life she spent 31 years working at Enid High School. The rest of her “career” was spent raising a family that includes three children.  She is also a proud and doting grandmother to five grand children and eleven great grandchildren.

Elaine says she enjoys her time at Senior Life, particularly interacting with the public and visiting with friends, old and new.

“It is such a joy to know when you come to work, you are going to see happy people with smiles on their faces,” Elaine says.  “I have been blessed to have two jobs, one working with teens and now working with seniors.  They both have so much to give.  A smile and kind words are great things to look forward to and I get both by working at Senior Life and the Osteopathic Foundation.”

When she’s not at Senior Life, you can find Elaine at church or spending quality time with her family.   She is also an accomplished china painter.


Debra Sexton

Exercise Instructor – NW Oklahoma Osteopathic Foundation

Deb Sexton has been teaching group exercise at Senior Life Network for more than 20 years and has developed strong relationships with the class participants because of her welcoming enthusiasm. Originally from, Austin, MN, Deb has been studying and practicing the art and science of combining the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies for the past two decades.   She has an Energy Medicine office inside Senior Life Network and schedules energy medicine sessions by appointment.

“My intention and passion is to inspire, teach and help others to move into a whole, healthy, comfortable and more vibrant way of life.”